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We are a manufacturer in China with over 10 years of experience in plastic industry especially in disposable tableware Our product range stretches across all areas of disposable plastic tableware for party use such as cups plates dishes bowls cutlery and lots more The raw material of our product is mainly polystyrene and polypropylene which are environmentally friendly and sanitary Our mission is to supply highest quality of partyware barware at affordable prices more importantly high standard of service to maintain sustainable relationship with all types of customer group

Categories and Products

Plastic Drinkware

Plastic Shot Glasses

Disposable Plastic Shot Glasses 1oz for Dessert Clear 2 oz Plastic Portion Cup Disposable Plastic Cup 2oz Plastic Cup 60ml Plastic Shot Glasses Wholesale 

Plastic Wine Glasses

Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses 6oz Clear PS Plastic Pedestal Wine Glasses 2 oz Short Stem Party Plastic Wine Glasses 5oz Clear Disposable Clear Plastic Wine Tasting Glasses 6 oz Clear Plastic Goblet Disposable Glasses Wine Hard Plastic Wine Glass Plastic Glasses Wine Plastic Wine Glasses Cheap Plastic Wine Glasses Wholesale Plastic Wine Goblet 

Plastic Champagne Flutes

Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes 5 oz for Party Clear Plastic Champagne Flutes 4.5 oz Disposable Champagne Cup Clear Plastic Champagne Cup Clear Plastic Disposable Champagne Cup Clear Plastic PS Champagne Flutes Plastic Clear Champagne Glasses Plastic Champagne Plastic Cup Champagne Plastic Glass Disposable Glasses Plastic Champagne Cup Plastic Cup Champagne Plastic Glasses Champagne Plastic Wedding Champagne Glass 

Plastic Tumblers

Disposable Plastic Tumblers 8 oz Hard PS Airline Plastic Tumblers 7 oz PS Disposable Cup Plastic Tumblers 9 oz Thin PS Disposable Square Plastic Tumblers 10oz Disposable Airline Plastic Cups Airline Plastic Cups 9oz Airline Plastic Cups 10oz Airline Plastic Cups 8oz Airline Plastic Cups Clear Airline Plastic Cups Disposable Clear Hard Plastic Cup Disposable Tumbler Plastic Crystal Cup Plastic Cups Disposable 


Clear Plastic Martini Glasses 7 oz Disposable Clear Plastic Cocktail Glasses 4.5 oz Disposable Disposable Cocktail Plastic Cups 

Plastic Dessert Mini Dishes

Disposable Plastic Mini Dessert Cups 2oz Petite Square Disposable Plastic Dessert Cup Angled Mini Disposable Plastic Dessert Bowl Square Mini Disposable Plastic Dessert Cocktail Glasses 2oz Mini Disposable Plastic Dessert Margarita Cup 2oz Mini Clear Plastic Dessert Cups Dessert Plate Plastic Disposable Dessert Plate Disposable Plastic Candy Dish Mini Dessert Cups Mini Plastic Dessert Cups Mini Plastic Plates Plastic Mini Dessert Cups Plastic Mini Dessert Plates 

Plastic Plates

6 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party 7 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party 9 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party 10 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party 10 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Scalloped 9 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Scalloped 7.5 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Scalloped 6 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Scalloped Waving 6 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Waving 7 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Waving 9 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Waving 10 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate Party Disposable Plastic Wave Plate 6 Inch Disposable Plastic Wave Plate 7 Inch Disposable Plastic Wave Plate 9 Inch Disposable Plastic Wave Plate 10 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate 6 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate 7 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate 9 Inch Disposable Plastic Plate 10 Inch 

Plastic Cutlery

Disposable Plastic Fork Party Premium 5g Disposable Plastic Knife Party Premium 5g Disposable Plastic Spoon Party Premium 5g Disposable Plastic Fork White Stackable 2g Disposable Plastic Spoon White Stackable 2g Disposable Plastic Knife White Stackable 2g Disposable Plastic Fork White Medium Weight 3.5g Disposable Plastic Knife White Medium Weight 3.5g Disposable Plastic Spoon White Medium Weight 3.5g Disposable Plastic Coffee Spoon White Stackable Disposable Plastic Spork White PP Disposable Plastic Folding Fork PP Black Disposable Plastic Icecream Spoon Assorted Color Disposable Plastic Coffee Spoon Disposable Plastic Color Ice Cream Spoon Disposable Plastic Cutlery Disposable Plastic Teaspoon Plastic Spoons Disposable Plastic Teaspoon PS Cutlery 

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